RedboxTV not working

If redboxtv is not working for you or showing errors while installing or downloading, then this guide is for you. If you are making use of the android software and the data such as photos, videos, music, messages, Apps, contacts, emails, etc all are being stored in the internal memory then there will not be adequate storage left for another App, leading to Android App not installed error.

Corrupted/Contaminated App file

When you will not download Apps from the Play Store and will select another platform to do so, App files might be corrupt and hence cannot be installed on your device smoothly. So for this you need to be doubly sure of the source from where you are downloading an App, check its extension name and make an effort not to install contained files.

SD Card not mounted correctly in the device

At times your phone might be connected to your PC or any of the other electronic devices that is able to access the SD Card from your device. In such situations when you will be installing an App and choose to save it to your SD Card, you will find the Android App not installed error.

Corrupt storage

Sometimes the issue might arise because the location or the storage were your files are storing is corrupt. This error will not let you open the app.


The app provides you a number of benefits and you can stream a lot of content easily on various devices. You should try this app out.

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